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Blue Sea – Mini add-a-battery

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BatteryLink Charger, MFG# 7655, 12VDC, 10Amp, 2 Banks. Integrated automatic charge relay regulates charge from AC source when plugged in and from alternator while underway. Includes remote LED indicator. Includes battery switch.

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Add-A-Battery and Charger Kit

A complete small boat battery management system. Charge two batteries at or away from the dock.

  • For alternators up to 65A
  • Includes a Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch 6011 a 3 Stage, 10 Amp charger with an integrated 65A Automatic Charging Relay, and a LED charger remote

m Series Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch

  • Switches two battery banks simultaneously while maintaining battery bank isolation
  • Can combine two battery banks in the event of a low start battery
  • IP66 – protected against powerful water jets

BatteryLink® Charger

  • Integrated ACR provides DC charging from engine alternator
  • AC plug-in while at the dock
  • Battery temperature compensation prolongs battery life
  • Includes a remote LED indicator
  • Start isolation protects sensitive electronics from voltage sags and spikes
  • IP67 – protected against immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes

Max. Battery CCA: 850

Product Overview

Complete kit simplifies battery management.

Blue Sea Systems has led the charge to make battery management easier. The Mini Add-A-Battery Plus Kit takes it to the next level and streamlines installation and simplifies use. The kit provides complete control of two batteries and offers two ways to charge them. And it’s done with just three components: a battery charger, battery switch and charge status indicator display.

Battery charging is handled in one of two ways. From the dock or at home using an AC power source or from the engine’s alternator. Using household or dockside power the 10A multi-stage charger safely and efficiently recharge the batteries. A temperature compensation features modifies charging amperage based on battery temperature to prolong battery life.

Unique to the Blue Sea System charger is a built in automatic charge relay (ACR). This allows an alternator up to 65A to charge two batteries while you’re out on the water. The ACR also protects sensitive electronics and other equipment by temporarily isolating house circuits from start circuit during engine starts.

Easy to use battery switch turn on both batteries with a quarter turn. This three position switch keeps the house and start batteries separated to prevent accidental discharge. An emergency combine feature allows the battery with a charge to start the engine or power the VHF.

Key Features

  • Complete battery management kit for two batteries
  • Ideal for adding a second battery for accessories to a small to medium trailered boat
  • 10A charger features integrated ACR to provide 2 methods to charge batteries
  • Unique 3 position battery switch has ability to turn 2 battery banks ON/OFF while maintaining separation
  • Combine feature on battery switch provides ability to start engine or use VHF if one battery has been discharged
  • LED remote indicator display provides charging status at the helm or nav station
  • Battery switch has three mounting options


Retrack Marine Electronics Vancouver Island B.C.



Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 11.81 × 10.24 × 4.10 in
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