BRNKL – Premium Smart Security Kit


Whether you’re at the dock, at home, or half-way around the world you can check on your vessel from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The Premium Kit allows you to know if someone has stepped onboard your boat or attempted to enter your boat. The BRNKL system will automatically capture a photograph and trigger an audible siren when someone crosses the laser beam or opens the door of your boat when the system is armed. Easily disarm the system when you arrive at your boat with the two included key fobs.

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The 5G Premium Kit provides the ultimate protection for your boat.  This kit is perfect for boaters who cruise to unfamiliar ports and would like to protect their boat inside and out. This kit expands upon the Security and Monitoring Kit by adding a second camera for outside of the boat, a laser sensor for protecting the aft deck, and a second key fob.

*Actual savings vary depending on insurance carrier and policy.

The Monitoring Kit allows you to know what’s happening on your boat in real-time. Get notifications on your mobile device or by email when:

  • Batteries get low
  • Shore power is disconnected
  • Boat leaves a geofence
  • Bilge pumps run too frequently or for too long
  • Boat suffers an impact
  • Cabin temperature gets too high or low
  • Cabin humidity gets too high or low

This kit includes:

    The brains of the system. The BRNKL contains a built-in 5G SIM card and all of the sensors required to monitor your position, battery voltages, bilge activity, and more.
  • Hardwired Shore Power Sensor
    Easily monitor AC voltage (both 120 and 220V) on your boat and get alerts as soon as it’s disconnected.
  • 2x Cameras
    Capture photographs inside or outside of your boat.
  • BRNKL Mate
    Expands the BRNKL’s capabilities to support wireless sensors and multiple cameras.
  • Wireless Door Sensor
    Secure a door or window in your boat and get alerts as soon as it opens.
  • 2x Key Fobs
    Easily arm and disarm your BRNKL system at your boat.
  • Siren
    An audible siren that emits a 120dB alarm to defend your boat.
  • Laser Sensor
    Get an alert if the laser beam is broken by an unwanted visitor.
    Annual Service Plan

    No overages. No roaming fees. Global coverage. Purchase your service plan when you activate your BRNKL.

    Annual Service Plan: $300 CDN
    Monthly Service Plan: $29 CDN


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in


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