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Furuno 1ST Watch Wireless Radar

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1st Watch Wireless Radar, MFG# DRS4W, for use with iPhone and/or iPad. 4KW output, 18″ dome, 12-24 VDC, 1/8-24nm range. Setup and operation via iOS device.

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Furuno Wireless Radar For use with Apple iOS devices

With the new FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar, you can do things previously impossible. You can bring the Radar display whenever you go, even put it on the iPhone in your pocket. Since the display is untethered, you are free to roam the vessel while maintaining full situational awareness of your surroundings. For example, you can bring the Radar display with you when jumping into the cabin quickly to grab fishing gear or other tools needed during your voyage.

Plug in the Radar, set up the free app from App Store and you’re good to go. With familiar gestures it’s a breeze to use; you can even use two iOS devices simultaneously. The app has been created with simplicity and efficiency in mind, providing reliable information that is easily accessible.

Installation is simple with its compact and lightweight Radar antenna. Mount it, plug in the power cord and you’re done. Due to the portability of the iOS devices this makes the system a good option for boats where space constrictions are of concern.

What is a Radar?

A Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging) is an instrument that can detect surrounding objects using radio waves. Thus, in the maritime world, objects such as ships, buoys or birds can be detected by Radars. The use of short-wavelength microwaves allows a very accurate measurement of the direction in which the object is detected and the distance at which it is located. In addition to the maritime domain, Radars have many other applications such as meteorology and aerial surveillance. Radars are also widely used in everyday life to measure the speed of cars on a road or the speed of a tennis ball on a court for example.


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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 21.00 × 21.00 × 11.00 in
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