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Furuno Fish Finder FCV588

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8.4″ Color LCD Fish Finder with RezBoost and Accu-Fish
Transducer sold separately

Available for delivery July 1 2022

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Furuno Fish Finder FCV588

8.4″ Color LCD Fish Finder with RezBoost and Accu-Fish
Transducer sold separately
RezBoostTM is a revolutionary new signal processing technology developed by FURUNO that improves resolution
and target separation when using conventional narrowband transducers. Spot individual game fish surrounding bait
balls, as well as fish close to the seabed. With the dual-frequency (50/200 kHZ) RezBoostTM technology, not only
can you expect higher resolution and crisper visuals, but also improvements in the ACCU-FISHTM function.
ACCU-FISHTM is a fish size assessment function that is proprietary to FURUNO. In order to assess
individual fish size, echo returns are evaluated based on strength and turned into fish size display
on screen. ACCU-FISHTM can detect fish size from about 4 inches (10 cm) to 6.5 feet (199 cm), in depths
of about 6 feet (2 m) to over 325 feet (100 m).

Dual-frequency fish finder equipped with revolutionary new RezBoost™ signal processing technology
Improved clarity and resolution that was previously impossible with conventional narrowband transducers has been made possible thanks to the new RezBoost™ technology.

ACCU-FISH™ – A unique fish size analyzer based on the latest digital technology

Bottom Discrimination – Analyze bottom structure
Provides an at-a-glance recognition of bottom composition with four types of graphical displays
(Rocks/Sand/Gravel/Mud) when connected to a supported thru-hull or transom mount transducer.

White Line feature – Discriminate fish lying near the bottom
The top edge of the bottom echo is displayed in white to clearly show bottom structures. This feature helps to discriminate between weeds and bottom fish distincly.

Configurable Alarm function (depth, fish echoes, etc.)
Share and display information on a chart plotter*
FURUNO’s TLL (Target Lat/Lon) output allows you to interface the FCV-588 with your FURUNO chart plotter so that you can mark fishing grounds with various information (L/L, Depth, Water Temp, Fish size and Bottom type).
* Requires a chart plotter.
Fast transmission rate of 3,000 PRR (Pulse Repetition Rate) per minute (at 5 m depth range)

-12-12 VDC Power Usage
-NMEA0183 Data Type
-8.4 Display Size
-50 an 200 kHz Frequency
-600 W or 1 kW Power Output
-1200m Range


Retrack Marine Electronics Vancouver Island B.C.



Weight 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11.7 × 8.5 in
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