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Furuno Network Sounder BBDS1

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Digital (FDF) Black Box Fish Finder Module with Bottom Discrimination for NavNet 3D and TZtouch w/5M LAN Cable. Transducer (600W or 1kW) Sold Separately

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Furuno Network Sounder BBDS1

Digital (FDF) Black Box Fish Finder Module with Bottom Discrimination for NavNet 3D and TZtouch w/5M LAN Cable,

Works with Furuno NavNet 3D MFD’s and TZTouch Units!

The Furuno BBDS1 network black box fish finder is designed for use with your NavNet 3D or NavNet TZtouch and enhances your fishing experience by helping you locate prime fishing locations. The BBDS1 operates at the most popular frequency ranges of 50/200 khz and gives the power output option of 600w or 1kw. The BBDS1 outperforms other systems by analyzing echo characteristics from the bottom such as particle size and hardness.


The BBDS1 features the FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) capability of the DFF1 as well as an all new bottom discrimination function. With the new bottom discrimination function, data retrieved from the bottom is separated and classified into four categories: mud, sand, gravel, and rock. To utilize these valuable features simply connect the BBDS1 to your NavNet 3D or NavNet TZtouch. Call for Help with Marine ElectronicsYou can even choose from two bottom discrimination display modes; Standard Mode or Probability Mode. The BBDS1’s Standard Mode will show you what materials are the most probable materials on the bottom while the Probability Mode shows you what material has the greatest chance of being on the bottom. This information is displayed in either graphic mode or a 4-color bar on the bottom of the display. With all these great features the Furuno BBDS1 Digital Black Box Fish Finder is a must have for maximizing your fish finding capabilities.

Furuno is continually improving their devices to support new features through software updates. Update your BBDS1 to the latest software version through a free download from Furuno’s website and take advantage of Post Processing Gain Control. When used in conjunction with a TZTouch2 MFD, Post Processing Gain Control will allow you to adjust the gain for previously received echo targets. This allows users to instantly see how gain adjustments will impact target returns already visible on screen.

Replaces Furuno DFF1 Sonar Module.

Less Transducer (600W or 1kW)
Display sold separately
-12-24 VDC Power Usage
-50 and 200 kHz Frequency
-600W or 1KW Power Output
-2500Ft Range


Retrack Marine Electronics Vancouver Island B.C.



Weight 9.7 lbs
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.5 × 9.7 in
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