Orion-Tr Isolated 12V 9A DC to DC converter


The Orion-Tr 9A is a professional DC to DC converter. Unlimited multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase output power.

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The Orion-Tr isolated converter is equipped with the “Remote on-off” function to start and stop the system remotely. This also dispenses with the need to connect a switch that has to carry the nominal current, a low-power switch is sufficient.

The output voltage of the Orion-Tr converter is adjustable (between -15% and 25% of the nominal output value), This is not intended for battery charging. Please consider using an Orion-Tr Smart for battery charging.

All converter models have output protection against short circuits and overvoltage. It’s possible to connect as many converters in parallel as desired, in order to increase the output current if necessary.

If the system temperature rises, the converter will automatically reduce his output current (temperature >40°C).

To learn More about Victron Energy’s 9A DC-DC Converter, click here.


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