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The SmartSolar pluggable display is a smartSolar display for Some of Victron Energy’s MPPT solar charge controllers.

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The SmartSolar Pluggable Display can be used to monitor the solar charger and to view both live and historic data. The display can also be used to
configure solar charger settings.

The SmartSolar Control display is a dedicated display for the following MPPT solar charger ranges:

• SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 up to 250/100
• SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 up to 250/100 VE.Can
• BlueSolar MPPT 150/70 up to 250/100 VE.Can

These solar chargers can also be recognized by a small plastic cover on the front face with the text “display option”.


Example of a solar charger without display and with display

The display plugs directly into the front face of the solar charger. It can act as both a permanent or a temporary display. Simply
remove the plastic cover that protects the display terminal on the front of the controller and then plug in the display.

Examples of live and historic monitoring that can be performed by the SmartSolar Pluggable Display:

• PV power, yield, voltage and current.
• Battery voltage, current and charge stage.
• Load output state and current (only available if the solar charger is equipped with a load output).
• 30-day historical values.
• Cumulative historic values over the life of the solar charger.


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